What we do

Multimedia Toolkits

SplitmediaLabs develops toolkits and components which enable rich media to be used for visual presentation and communication. We develop some of the most user-friendly, yet most advanced multimedia toolkits available on the market today.

We recently announced the release of VH Java Media Toolkit 3; a unique toolkit which facilitates the creation of pure online multimedia applications running on Windows, Mac and Linux.The VH Java Media Toolkit allows capturing, recording and streaming of desktop content, applications, IP Cameras and Web Cameras in high quality and with minimal latency.

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End user products

Based on our toolkits, SplitmediaLabs develops end user applications, which we believe fills a white space in the market for visual communication. We are currently working on several different applications.

  • XSplit Broadcaster (www.xsplit.com) – The application that lets everyone stream or record live events with ease.

  • 321Meet (www.321meet.com) – The pure online meeting application that outperforms even the most renounced market leading application by keeping it simpler and faster.

  • 321Support (www.321support.com) – The simple support solution that adds co-browsing or ad hoc presentation capabilities to websites or applications.

  • 321ShowIt (www.321showit.com) – The simple solution that enables you to show what you mean by sharing an image, recording or a live screen view with other users.

How we license

Our end user solutions are marketed and licensed under their respective brands, but SplitmediaLabs provides OEM white label perpetual or royalty based licensing for end-user products as well as our media toolkits for qualified licensees. Learn more...

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