• XSplit

    The most advanced live streaming and recording application on the market


    The social discovery platform for the gaming and eSports community


    Create, manage and participate in tournaments on the world's most popular tournament platform

  • Building Tools for Content Creators, Players, eSports and more

    More than 8 Million people and businesses use SplitmediaLabs products to grow their communities, create innovative content and connect with other players from around the world. Based in Hong Kong and with our development center in Manila, SplitmediaLabs has helped usher in the new age of live streaming gameplay since its creation back in 2009. Since then our team has forged partnerships with the world’s leading brands including hardware manufacturers, developers, publishers, gaming personalities and more.


    Our team is made up of hardworking, creative and passionate individuals who love gaming more than anything else. Want to Join the rocket ship?


    Urgently Hiring:

    Senior Front-end Developer - React

    Senior Full-stack Developer - Node.js and React

    Senior JavaScript Developer - Node.js and Databases

    Back-end PHP Developer

    Security Engineer - PHP, JavaScript and GCP


  • 2016 Statistics

    We let the numbers speak for themselves.


    Minutes of content created with XSplit in 2016


    Player activities carried out this month.


    Registered Players


    Tournament Brackets Organised

  • Our Mission

    To create community driven, fully inclusive gaming products that provide all the tools players need to create, discover and connect.

    Helping Content Creators

    We work closely with all types of content creators, getting their feedback to make our software better

    Connecting Communities

    Our platforms are built around our existing communities and creating new ones.

    Building For Players

    Made up of gamers and content creators our team strives to give you the best tools possible

    Embracing Competition

    Competition is crucial for helping players improve, stay engaged and make things more fun. Our tools embrace these values

    Improving Discovery

    There is magic in discovering something new you love. That moment is special and our tools aim to deliver this special moment for players all over the world.

    Making it Beautiful

    Gaming is an art form and we believe everything associated with it should look just as beautiful. Our software is built to reflect this.

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